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Green Bench: The Podcast

Apr 2016

Green Bench: The Podcast 4/29

Prince had AIDS? Nick is pissed off at the NFL draft. Blowjobs vs. Handjobs. Views and Lemonade. Relationship goals and how to ruin them!

Apr 2016

Green Bench: The Podcast 4/22

Prince, MJ and James Brown playing on the same stage once again. How long do you have to wait when your lover dies before you can holler at someone else. Which founding father had the biggest Johnson. Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Hostage situations and more!

Apr 2016

Green Bench: The Podcast 4/8

Are you ready for UFOs? Hilary's campaign thinks you are. Batman V. Superman is trash. Tarantino loves the N-word too much. Black on Black Crime vs. Black Lives Matter. TV shows we used to love but now we hate, and we still can't date women who don't believe in dinosaurs!

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