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Green Bench: The Podcast

Mar 2016

Green Bench: The Podcast 4/1

  • A woman pretends to be Nick's Aunt to holler at him
  • D'Angelo Russell snitches on Nick Young
  • Which is better: Iggy Azalea raps or her sex?
  • Gay raps
  • Dare Devil season 2
  • Someone threw up in Jamaal's Uber
  • Illuminati talk
  • Birthday weekend recap
Mar 2016

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/25

NC crazy speeding laws, cheap toilet paper, water conspiracies, Lebron and friends and emails!

Mar 2016

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/18

Election erections, titty grabs, why anyone would want to visit North Korea, pleading insanity, taking shits in public and sharing our worst childhood bully moments.

Mar 2016

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/11

A woman wishes bad karma on John and Megan's wedding desires, Kim K drops more nudes, Katt Williams is out being catty, retiring legends, and more fetish talk!

Mar 2016

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/4

John and Megan make an appearance on the Today Show. Find out who's too selfish to be an organ donor. What percentage chance do you have making it into Heaven? Wearing sweat pants and spending $10,000 in the strip club. Donald Trump and the KKK. Katt Williams vs Kevin Hart. The discussion over whether Dope was a good movie or not continues, and so do the fetish talks, and find out who's into bondage!

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