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Dec 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 12/25

  • Happy Kwanza! That's today right?
  • Ray J ruins music and sex tapes
  • R Kelly revisiting his past demons
  • Learning to play dominos and other prison games
  • Socks are great Christmas gifts now
  • How many Death Stars can the empire afford to lose?
  • Odell Beckham vs Josh Norman
  • The end of R&B group TGT
Dec 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 12/18

  • Picking situations where our sports team matters more than our girlfriends/wives.
  • Was "To Pimp A Butterfly" actually a good album?
  • Grammy disappointments
  • The 2 million dollar Wu-Tang album might be trash
  • Drunk World War II facts
Dec 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 12/11

  • Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims
  • Nick thinks about cat fishing on Tinder as Shemar Moore
  • Where is the ideal place to meet women
  • Can white women be thots?
  • Stories of getting kicked in the nuts
Dec 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 12/4

Mass shooting hoaxes and the crazy people who believe them
People who don’t believe in dinosaurs and could we date them
Jamaal would date a girl who still believed in Santa Claus
People who don’t let their kids believe in santa are selfish
The Big Lebowski is trash
Rio, Brazil is charging Olympic athletes for air conditioning 
Vegas advice
Belly vs Shottas
Jamaal sleeps on the side of the road when he gets the food itis

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