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Oct 2015

green Bench: The Podcast 10/30

Body slams in the classroom. Should a man have to pay for the babysitter of the woman he's trying to take out on a date? Halle Berry is getting divorced, and we're convinced she has to be crazy! Cities are banning criminal background checks for job applications, and which would you rather have caught in your throat: a fish bone or a pubic hair?

Oct 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 10/23

How long will Lamar & Khloe last after this near-death experience? Meek opens his mouth again and Louis attends a Ying Yang Twins concert. Our question: Why? We relive our worst wardrobe malfunctions, our WWE Hell In The Cell predictions, revisiting ghetto names and discuss Matt Damon's role as Marty Mar in the fictional MLK movie reboot!

Oct 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 10/16

Jamaal didn't celebrate his birthday because he's selfish and didn't want us to have fun. We run down what our itemized receipts of $75,000 at a brothel would look like. We recap the democratic debate and make political predictions. 

Men, stop lying about your height, and women, stop lying about your love for sports: we'll still bang you. The fall of Raven-Symone, Worldstar super hero fights and being immortal but still working a dead-end job.
Oct 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 10/9

Celebrating the launch of McDonald's all day breakfast with job rants, Ben Carson crazy quotes, Matt Barnes vs. Derek Fisher and the ban on Draftking/Fan Duel employees.

Oct 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 10/2

Would you ever tell the person you’re dating how much you make a year?
A woman gets a bill from a wedding she RSVP’d to but didn’t show up…and we kinda agree with the bride and groom.
Ever had a shrimp and grit omelet? Want to make one with us?
A&T Homecoming will never be the same
Last meals before being executed

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