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Jun 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 6/26

When did you first feel like an adult? Was it when you had to shave your pubic hair, or the first time you paid rent? We debate our favorite "White People" foods and Jamaal air his grievances about the upcoming NWA movie!

Jun 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 6/19

Hairy armpits are the newest trend among women? No thanks! NBA Finals & E3 talk and John's rant about Taco Bell.

Jun 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 6/12

Rachel Dolezal's parents would rather her be a basic white woman than a successful black person. Who was right and who was wrong at the Texas pool party police incident? Which "put on" crew was the weakest between St. Lunatics and G-Unit and which one of us would be mad if you didn't pull the plug on our death bed!

Jun 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 100th Episode 6/6

Adult Swim's Walter Newman joins us to debate best action-comedies, Bru--- We mean Caitlyn Jenner's transformation and whether Nate Dogg would be the greatest wedding singer of all time!

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