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Green Bench: The Podcast

Apr 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 4/24

Beauty is only skin deep, but we never met anyone with x-ray vision. We discuss shallow people, 600lb people, corrupt people, and people who make bad music. We're all about the people!

Apr 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 4/17

Top 5 breads, Nick’s Diarrhea, Outkast Reunions; Aaron Hernandez & Suge Knights are future cellmates and getting slapped by Charles Oakley!

Apr 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 4/10

Ever got drunk and went to church? We literally do that as we break down the most controversial inserts of the bible with a great deal of drinks. John and Jamal make Vegas bets and the discussion of Walter Scott and police brutality comes to a head. 

Apr 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 4/4

Catch Green Bench: The Podcast now on Periscope every Thursday night. Follow GreenbenchTV to catch the alerts! We talk former embarrassing moments including John's "Dancing shirt". Could you date a stupid/cross-eyed/bad-breathed person if they were the finest thing on earth? Moon made of cheese and terrible action movies make for a fun podcast!

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