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Green Bench: The Podcast

Mar 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/27

Did anyone ever wish Doug would have smashed Patti Mayo? We did, and we plot out how he could of. Bad customer service, ugly cartoon characters, tighty whities and ugly babies are on the docket. Enjoy Green Bench: The Podcast

Mar 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/20

Is Kendrick's album worth 5 Mics and a Grammy? We dive into the potential Best Rap Album of the Year and talk about blacks who think racism is over, whose fault is it in a breakup, and how to prepare yourself for the day you consistently doodoo on yourself.

Mar 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/13

MSNBC wants you to think hip hop causes racism. Do you agree? Also, which place would you rather be when the zombie apocalypse happens? A cemetery or the DMV? Join in the heated debate and hear Jamaal's angry rant about being denied entry to an up-scale bowling alley!

Mar 2015

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/6

We answer your last minute fan mail, including whether you should go to senior prom or not. We also talk about our worst beatings we ever deserved, and the worst beatings we got framed for, as well as the age old topic of black on black crime and Jamaal's f&%$ of the week!

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