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Green Bench: The Podcast

Nov 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/27

We answer your fan mail about cheap TV's and pregnant women you want to date! We also dive into the Darren Wilson verdict and get heated over the right way to riot!

Nov 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/21

We try to give Bill Cosby a late fair trial. The gang learns about a new secret society that apparently ain't that secret and Jamaal learns that Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of November every year of his life. We share embarrassing pee-on-ourselves stories and Megan dishes out some advice on how to read women who don't know what they want!

Nov 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/14

Kim K breaks the internet, but at least we didn't have to see Ray J naked! We talk Somalian pirates, cowardly cruise ship captains and what would you do if you had to choose between cheese and oral sex!

Nov 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/7

Comedian Will Medley joins us for inappropriate, yet awesome, racist jokes and to play a round of Colors: The Racial Profiling Game. We also share our weird eating habits and answer some more fan mail!

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