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Mar 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/28

12% of all internet traffic is porn-related, and this podcast is 100% focused on it! We throw out some of the weirdest keyword searches of porn sites and see if you'd watch or not, and we play our favorite game, This or That, with some adult-film themed questions. If you're into the nasty, we got your dirt!

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Mar 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/21

What direction is your moral compass pointing in? Would you steal from work? Return a stolen wallet? Punch a kid in his mouth? Play along and hear some of the craziest headlines of the week; like the story of a man who called the cops because his 22-pound cat trapped him in his bedroom...yep. That happened and more on Green Bench: The Podcast!

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Mar 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/14

What if Biggie never died? Would Jay have claimed the throne of NYC? Would Rick Ross even be a figment of our imagination? We give the hip hop heads some discussion meat to digest. For everyone else? We break down the 14 more bizarre plastic surgery procedures ever done, including a full beard transplant...yeah, that's a thing!

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Mar 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 3/7

We're back and Jamaal still thinks Puffy killed Biggie! Fast forward to 2014 and your hood prayers have finally been answered- Lil Boosie is finally out...but does anyone REALLY care? Personally, I was a fan of Hurricane Chris...

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