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Feb 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 2/28

Did Dr. Dre forget about black people? Is Spike Lee losing his mind like his sacred Knicks? We don't know, but Rick Ross sure does like to name drop WingStop in a song! We break down this weeks "controversies" and decipher whether it deserves a march on Washington or a good ole' GTFOH! John & Nick rap for the first time EVER in their life while the rest of the crew blow off some steam!

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Feb 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 2/21


Now that we have that out the way. When is it a good time to be an outstanding citizen and report a wrongdoing and when is it a good time to keep your mouth shut and let the streets handle it? Everyone has a price and we find out what ours is. It's also time for another round of Colors: The Racial Profiling Game. Play along and let us know your score!

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Feb 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 2/14

Happy Valentine's Day! We made this podcast specially for making love to! Try it out, it makes great sex music. If you're one of the people who has to spend today alone, don't worry, we got you covered with laughs and some good introspect about whether statements are racist...or REAL!

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Feb 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 2/7

DMX vs. George Zimmerman. Fight of the century? And can we really call it a "celebrity" boxing match? We also continue our Valentine's Day countdown with some advice for those who have bad sex/cooking/cleaning/criminal backgrounds/faithfulness!

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Feb 2014

Green Bench: The Podcast 2/1 | Drinking Edition

It wouldn't be a good weekend without a drink or two....or 10. Pour a glass and hang out as we finish our thoughts on the Grammy's, the unfair treatment of men at the club and our super bowl predictions.

NSFS (Not Suitable For Sober)

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