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Nov 2013

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/29

Jamaal has the audacity to call Kim Kardashian an "average" chick and the guys demand an explanation. An explanation is also demanded when Nick admits he habitually pisses on the toilet seats of public restrooms. Eddie murphy movies, Thanksgiving memories and Larnell joins the podcast for the first time to get something off his chest!

Nov 2013

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/22

Which show has more coonery? Martin or Meet The Browns? Why the hell can't Chris Brown, DMX and Beanie Sigel stay out of trouble? And last, but not least, we piece together the triangles on how Puffy killed Biggie!

Nov 2013

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/15

Megan joins the guys as they give a BIG middle finger to DirecTV and airline baggage fees.

Nov 2013

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/8

Bullying, greek life, desperate situations & a rant to the gate keepers of the entertainment industry. Why WOULDN'T you want to listen to this podcast?Rhetorical question. STFU and listen please!

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Nov 2013

Green Bench: The Podcast 11/1

It's homecoming ya'll! John and Nick turn up on the podcast for that special homecoming feeling and share their stories of days gone by.

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